Are you ready to become a musical hero?

The most innovative family theatrical show!

Discover the world of music in the futuristic Supertonic recording studio! Your instrument: The SonicTuner, a wearable synthesizer that gives you superpowers to perform melodies, beats, and lyrics – directly from your seat! We’re taking the whole family on a musical adventure full of groovy characters, rhythmic challenges, and prodigious musical discoveries!

Your Instrument: The SonicTuner

A wearable music synthesizer

  • With speakers, beat pads, a microphone, and other surprising features, your SonicTuner gives you super powers to become a musical hero!

Follow the video game prompts on stage to play in sync with your fellow musicians!

  • It’s like a musical video game! Each SonicTuner is connected to the stage via our proprietary wireless system, giving you real time influence on the show!

World Premiere

Shanghai, China – September 2023


Become a Musical Hero

Supertonic and the SonicTuner are owned or licensed by Supertonic Entertainment Inc. | SonicTuner, Patent Pending